Eagle Springs Golf Club is a private, members only club. All guests are welcome at the invitation of a current member. The inviting member must be present at the club when hosting a guest.

Invited guests to Eagle Springs should be aware of and observe the following:


Guests of members are welcome after 11:00am. Guests are asked to not arrive on property prior to 11:00am and without their hosting member. Members are currently limited to no more than three guests per membership per day and the club's standard guest allowance policy for number of visits still applies. Please note that club services are modified. Access to the locker rooms in the clubhouse are for members and their accompanied guests. Masks are to be worn at all times when in the clubhouse or in areas where social distancing cannot be maintained. All food and beverage services must be ordered in advance and can only be billed to the hosting member account.

Guest Information

Upon arrival, please find a parking spot in the parking areas to the left of the clubouse. A member of our Outside Services Staff will greet you, handle your golf bags and direct you to the clubhouse and locker facilties. Guests are asked to use the Club locker rooms to change their shoes and/or clothing.

Unaccompanied Guests Prohibited

Except as provided, no guest may play, practice or use the Club premises unless accompanied by a host member, associate or legacy member, or an employee of the Club having guest privileges. Any unaccompanied guests must be arrange in advance with Club President & CEO.

Accompanied Guests

  • Accompanied guests must play in a group which includes their host member, associate member, legacy member or qualified Club employee.
  • Groups containing more than three guests must be approved in advance by the Club Professional so as not to create crowding on the course.

Dress Code

We recognize that the Vail Valley thrives on informality. Nonetheless, it is our intent to set ourselves apart from other clubs by observing the customary dress and decorum of the finest private clubs. Therefore, we will require that our members and guests be attired in a manner befitting the quality and image of the club while in the clubhouse and on the golf course.

Unless a distinct dress code is presented for a specific club function, the following will apply:

A collared shirt must be worn at all times. Tailored mock collars are acceptable. Golf shirts are to be tucked in without exception. Button down shirts tailored to be worn out are acceptable. Shorts must be at least mid-thigh length. Ball caps are to be worn in the conventional manner (bill forward). Gentlemen are expected to remove their hats and caps in the clubhouse.

A golf shirt or blouse, consistent with the golf couture, that has a collar or is collarless is acceptable. A “tank top” is not considered appropriate attire. Shorts, skirts, and culottes must be of the proper length at no more than five (5”) inches above the knee. Short shorts and skirts will not be permitted.
Dress denim (emphasis on dress) is permitted throughout the clubhouse and dining areas, but never on the golf course or practice facilities. Faded, torn, or tattered jeans, cut-offs, cargo-style pants/shorts, excessively baggy and “grunge” attire is simply not permitted at any time.

Fishing waders and wading boots are not permitted in the clubhouse or on the verandahs surrounding the clubhouse, and are not appropriate attire for dining.

Cycling shorts, cycling bibs, revealing fitness attire, Yoga pants or athletically tight fitting attire is not appropriate in the dining areas of the clubhouse or men’s locker room. Members and guests must change or suitably cover-up prior to dining.

The Club’s management is ultimately responsible and retains final judgement in identifying and defining “appropriate attire.”

Mobile Phones / Devices

All cell phones and mobile devices must always be silenced or set to vibrate while on club premises (everywhere). These devices may be used in the clubhouse to access the Club’s WIFI services for the purpose or checking e-mail and the internet. Use of cell phones and mobile devices used for the purpose of audible conversation is restricted to the club house phone booths, business office, or personals vehicles.

Cash / Credit Cards

  • Guests will not be permitted to use cash at the Club, except for paying for contracted caddie services when specifically authorized by the host member.
  • Guests may use credit cards for golf shop merchandise only.


Tipping of the Club’s employees, in all departments, is not permitted.

Speed of Play

  • Delays on Course: One or more golfers with an open hole ahead MUST WAVE THROUGH trailing golfers who are being delayed.
  • Staff Directions: Golfers must obey directions given by the professional staff, including directions to interrupt or cease play or proceed to the next hole, in the case where more than one trailing match is being delayed.
  • Violations: Any golfer in violation of these rules may be required to vacate the golf course.