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Eagle Springs Golf Club is steeped in history and traditions dating back to 1995. We believe adherence to these traditions allows the Eagle Springs experience to be enjoyed as it is intended. As such, we ask all members and their guests to respect these traditions and enjoy Eagle Springs for the institution it represents. Members are responsible for their guests at all times.  

  • Dress:
    • Gentlemen are required to wear a collared shirt. Tailored mock collars are acceptable. Golf shirts are to be tucked in without exception. Button-down shirts tailored to be worn out are acceptable. Shorts must be at least mid-thigh in length. Ball caps are to be worn in the conventional manner (bill forward). Gentlemen are expected to remove their hats and caps in the clubhouse. Dark, dress denim is permitted at Club functions.
    • Ladies should be properly attired wearing a golf shirt or blouse, consistent with the golf couture. Shorts, skirts, and culottes must be of the proper length at no more than five (5”) inches above the knee. Short shorts and short skirts will not be permitted. Dark or white dress denim is permitted at Club functions.
  • Cell phones are not permitted for audible conversations on club premises. Cell phones and tablets are to be silenced or placed on vibrate while on Club premises. Urgent calls may be made or answered in the clubhouse phone booths, personal vehicles, or Club offices. Wi-Fi is available for checking messages and accessing the internet.
  • A high standard of golf etiquette is expected.
    • Foursomes have the right of way.
    • Slow play is not tolerated. Golfers must obey directions given by the professional staff, including directions to interrupt or cease play or proceed to the next hole.
    • Maintain good course conditions by repairing divots and fixing ball marks on greens.
    • Music speakers are not permitted on the golf course.
  • No Tipping.

Eagle Springs Golf Club’s membership and management appreciate your attention and awareness of these traditions. Play well.